January 19, 2015 – Michelin Golf Classic supporting Joshua House

For the 22nd year! Come participate in one of the best events of year. See MyGolfClassic.com & FriendsofJoshuaHouse.org/ … [Read more...]

Buying a Gas Station with Convenience Store in Florida– a Brief Overview

  Buying a Gas Station with Convenience Store in Florida– a Brief Overview As part of our series on Small Business Investing – Turning Dreams Into Legacies, we are sharing this overview of gas station since it is one of the top three industries that people first seek when buying a business. Having worked with Texaco, Shell and 7-Eleven, I have seen some people do very well. Most have started with reasonable sites and improved the overall business experience, optimized revenues and expenses, and have tried at least a few innovative ideas that the competition is generally overlooking. Most people buy businesses, including gas stations, based on how they are currently performing. However, gas stations, and almost any other business, changes when a new owner takes over. Hopefully the change is for the better, but not every buyer has prepared the right strategic plan and has the right match of skills, interest and passion. We always recommend that first time business buyers … [Read more...]

Business Buyers Save Big Money with Buy Biz USA’s Business Buyer Advocacy Program!

Another one bites the dust – Business Buyers Save Big Money  with Buy Biz USA's Business Buyer Advocacy Program! Sellers say  "Many thanks....Now we are even happier that we got to know [Legacy Venture Group / Buy Biz USA]...other wise we might have ended up buying [name blocked] and would be in trouble now." Clients from Texas read about a “great restaurant earning well over $135,000 available in Tampa Bay”. As is often the case, it was a confidential business being marketed for sale. The Seller had contracted with one of Tampa Bay's older business brokers to find a buyer for his successful restaurant. Like so many restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses, the owner’s financial records were to be kept “Highly Confidential”. The Broker was would only share that the restaurant was allegedly netting around $135,000 to the owner, but the details of the financials, such as the gross sales, the business expenses, like labor, food cost, electricity, the profit & loss … [Read more...]

Tips on Running a Profitable Restaurant – Upcoming Events March 25, 2013 – note from: Service w Style

Blog: It's About Service "2nd Generation Staff" By: Darren S. Denington, CFBE A recent trip to an island resort proved a theory to me that I have had for a long time. Staff turnover can result in your company's loss of its passion and caring for your guests. The problem with opening a new restaurant, hotel or bar usually occurs 7 to 12 months down the road when the core group of opening staff starts to turn over. When it was brand new, the leadership team was focused on passionately communicating their message of how important the guest is and training the staff accordingly. Very quickly, the people that were first trained with passion are now doing the training. A little more time goes by and the ones that were trained by the 2nd trainers are now doing the training. Each time the original passion and message is lost even more. While at the islands resort swim up pool bar, I realized that I, the guest, was no longer the main priority. Watching TV, texting and other employee … [Read more...]

FREE workshop on resumes and cover letters – March 14, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Hello Job Seekers, I know many are both looking for the right business and seeking a great job . Here is one event coming up to help get your resume up to snuff. Visit Bell Shoals Baptist Church - A session has been scheduled for March 14, 2013  from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM in the fellowship Hall of the church. The focus of this workshop will be resumes and cover letters. Therefore, please bring a resume (even if it is in draft form) as well as a cover letter which you have previously used or have drafted for future use. Please respond to this email if you plan to attend. We will look forward to seeing you on Thursday March 14 at Bell Shoals - 2102 Bell Shoals Road / Brandon, FL 33511 / 813.689.4229 … [Read more...]

Small Business Dream Money – another resource available through Legacy Venture Group

Get Money for your Business DreamDo you need money for your  business dream? Looking to make an acquisition or fund a start-up? Especially in tough economies, getting cash to fund your business dream is a challenge. SBA lenders like different industries, so just because you have a bank who might lend for a business in one industry, may not even consider another industry, even though still another bank might. It gets confusing. Here are a few tips but we encourage you to call for more information. There are also ways to pull funds out of your 401K or IRA without the traditional penalties and taxes. Make sure you do it right before you try. We find many financial people do not even know or believe this exists but we have clients who have successfully bought real estate and businesses this way. There are companies that specialize in using retirement funds to help you get money for your small business dream but check them out carefully. Each have different strengths and fees. Do your … [Read more...]

2013 University of Tampa Fellows Forum – BMC Software, Meredith Corporation & PNC Financial Services Group

2013 University of Tampa Fellows Forum - BMC Software, Meredith Corporation & PNC Financial Services Group  What a great event. Mr. Robert Beauchamp  (BMC) shared the value of innovation and passion. He shared how BMC refocused after facing great economic challenges. BMCs plan was one (1) page – yes, one page – and answered the question of what they wanted to look like a decade or more out! It led the company on the path of transformation and while there are always challenges and problems to solve, they continue focus on innovation and focus to fulfill their mission. Mr. Stephen Lacy (Meredith Corporation) spoke about getting in touch with his feminine side, referring to taking time understand his company’s key consumers – women. He shared how the company has embraced various levels of media and marketing methodologies. With Meredith Corporation’s foundation based on delivering brands like Better Homes and Gardens and Parents, they have also realized the value of online … [Read more...]