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88390425 Global Consultant Company for Sale Tampa Bay Area at Legacy Venture Group


PRICE:  $ 1,275,000*
REVENUE:  $ 2,872,170
CASH FLOW:  $ 422,498
EBITDA:  $ 322,498

*Includes $200K Accounts Receivable

Confidentiality is essential. Completion of Non-Disclosure Agreement and Buyer’s Worksheet are required for more detailed information.

Business Overview

Engineering Consulting Serving Aerospace and Aviation Firms Around the World

This renowned nationwide network consists of skilled industry professionals offering Project Management & Consulting Services. The company provides agile and highly efficient professionals who assist companies in saving time and money. The team comprises experienced individuals with a wealth of knowledge in the industries they serve. This allows larger companies to access staff for short- and medium-term projects without the hassle of searching for, recruiting, hiring, and subsequently managing additional personnel once the projects are completed.

By addressing these crucial challenges faced by larger companies, this company not only offers a solution but also provides a desirable working lifestyle for individuals who have previously worked in corporate America. These professionals appreciate the flexibility they gain in their personal lives, enabling them to work at their preferred times while enjoying personal freedom when they are not actively engaged in projects.

Property Features & Assets

This company serves clients on a global scale, without being limited to any particular geographical area. The dedicated contract workers, who genuinely appreciate their work, are spread across various locations in the United States. The owner of this business has the flexibility to operate it from virtually anywhere in the US, and possibly even abroad, as long as they have secure internet access.

Market Competition 

This company excels in catering to its distinctive niche, setting it apart from other consulting firms that may be less agile and less effective in the same space. There is significant potential for growth in this company, although the decision to pursue it should be made after carefully assessing the market and considering your personal skills and interests.

The company has established a stellar reputation, with the owner previously being at the forefront of the business.

Over the last few years, the owner has appointed a manager to handle the tasks he once performed. Consequently, when calculating the Discretionary Earnings, the owner includes the manager’s salary, as they now fulfill the owner’s previous responsibilities.

Growth, Expansion, & Marketing:

This company has established a highly prosperous niche for itself. If the goal is to expand this business, there are several ideas worth considering.

Undoubtedly, enhancing and modernizing the website would be advantageous. Implementing search engine optimization and internet marketing strategies would also prove beneficial.

Additionally, exploring opportunities for diversification and leveraging the skills and talents of the team members to cater to other industries could be explored.

If you are keen on contributing your expertise in business development and marketing, you have the potential to contribute to the remarkable growth of this business.

Reason for Selling

The founder is of the age and mindset that he would like to retire. He also knows that his current manager which has been put in place will not continue to work for all eternity. So instead of finding a new replacement for that manager down the road, he has begun the process of finding a professional and acceptable candidate to carry on this great company.

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