Tire and Automotive Business for Sale 883-90431 Legacy Venture Group, Brian Stephens

883-90431 Tire and Automotive Shop


MLS #883-90431

Tire and Automotive Company for sale 883-90431 Legacy Venture Group, Brian Stephens


PRICE:  $ 795,000
REVENUE:  $ 1.9M
CASH FLOW:  $ 243,245

Confidentiality is essential. Completion of Non-Disclosure Agreement and Buyer’s Worksheet are required for more detailed information.
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Business Overview

Very popular tire and automotive business.

A leading auto repair shop located in Eastern Hillsborough County (Tampa Bay), Florida, serves customers from Lakeland to Brandon, and surrounding areas, offering top-tier automotive repair and mechanic services.

The services are provided by highly qualified mechanics who utilize quality truck and car repair equipment. This mechanic shop is equipped to work on a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, medium-sized trucks, mini-vans, and SUVs, ensuring optimal vehicle performance upon departure from the service bays. Capable of servicing various makes and models, the shop upholds superior standards, reflecting the mechanics’ commitment to prioritizing customer interests.

For those searching for a comprehensive automotive repair solution, this shop stands out as a prime choice, ready to offer reliable estimates for any automotive repair issues.

Property Features & Assets

Completely equipped for business. Location characterized by its high visibility and seamless access. The facility offers effortless ingress and egress, allowing for smooth entry and exit to and from the property, which is highly beneficial for both customers and delivery operations.

Market Positioning

This tire and auto shop has established a robust customer acquisition strategy primarily anchored in its strong reputation within the community and strategic positioning. Despite minimal investment in traditional advertising efforts, the business thrives on powerful word-of-mouth recommendations. Its well-known status in the area is a testament to the quality of service and customer satisfaction it consistently delivers. The shop’s location plays a significant role in its marketing and visibility; situated on one of the busiest roadways in the community, it benefits from high foot and vehicle traffic, making it a familiar landmark for locals and passersby alike.

Growth & Expansion:

Further growth opportunities may include expanding service offerings to cover emerging automotive technologies, such as electric and hybrid vehicle repairs, which could position the business as a forward-thinking leader in the auto service industry. Strengthening partnerships with local businesses and community organizations could also enhance its reputation and customer base through cross-promotional activities.

Additionally, introducing loyalty programs or seasonal promotions could incentivize repeat business and attract new customers. Streamlining operations through the adoption of advanced diagnostic equipment and management software could improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction, leading to increased word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business.

Reason for Selling

Owner is of age and mindset to start thinking about the day when he leaves the business. Has done quite well. Even willing to stick around and work for a time with a new owner. However, he wants to make sure that something doesn’t happen to him during his ownership of the business and then lose everything.