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HVAC—Install new residential and commercial hvac equipment—split systems, package units, roof top units.  Preventive and Corrective maintenance and repairs (electrical components, compressors, coils, txvs, etc).  Filter changes.  Refrigerants.  UV lights.  HEPA filters. IAQ.  Duct work repairs and replacements.  Service contracts.  Duct cleaning with a roto brush machine. Line set repair/replacements.  Company does not offer refrigeration services or work on ammonia systems.

Plumbing—New residential and commercial fixtures, water heaters, toilets, sinks, tubs/showers, faucets, laundry room equipment, etc.  We repair water line breaks, sewer line breaks, replace water and sewer lines.  Concrete and asphalt work sub contracted (larger jobs). Drain cleaning, sewer line inspection, k-60 sectional machines, continuous machines, hydra-jetting (Harban trailer), smoke testing machine, freeze lines, pro press copper or solder copper, slab leak repairs, leak detection (by subcontractor), install electric and gas tank and tankless water heaters, repair water heaters, install pumps, install circulation pumps, test, repair and replace backflow preventers (two certified on staff).  Repair or replace copper, pvc, cpvc, pex, galvanized, black iron, Orion and cast-iron pipe and fittings.

– What are its strengths going forward?

Hours and days of operation? 7—4:30 M-F.  On call services 7/24.  On call plumber and ac tech.

When was it established? 2001

– New owner’s suggested background or skill set will someone need to excel in this business?

Seller suggests the new owner’s knowledge be like:

            Plumbing—10%.  Plumbers know their craft.  Need help with estimates and some technical information (most of which can be found on the internet or through manufacturer’s support.

            AC—10%.  AC techs are experienced.  Rarely require help on residential issues. Commercial equipment may require owner support or manufacturer’s support.

            Because the business doesn’t do new construction, there is little need for code requirements.  Where we have questions, we have the books, or we call the inspectors prior to doing the work. Sell your HVAC Company with Legacy's #1 Business Brokers Tampa

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