East Hillsborough Fitness Center For Sale

MLS #883-90239

Business Overview

This East Hillsborough County, Florida Fitness Center is an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneur who is searching for a profitable, established business to own and operate.  It has a large client membership base that is loyal to the business.  It is a beautifully designed fitness center, built out with tons of great equipment to meet the needs of all its clients. The facility is kept clean and fully operational by its small team of staff but would do better with a full-time owner/operator like you.

Someone walking into this business should be able to step in immediately and carry on.  Your skills in marketing, business management, and business development will take this business to a whole new level. But even as it is, with its current membership, it is profitable and it is an attractive business. It is a great place to learn how to run a business and also great business for anyone who is looking to build and grow.

Property Features & Assets

This is a beautifully equipped and appointed location. The fitness center is situated at a busy location, has ample parking and is easy for customers to find.

Market Competition & Expansion

Competition is typical for the industry, however, this business stands apart from many other locations.  It is not a franchise which means that it benefits the current owner by not having to pay outrageous franchise fees.  It also provides flexibility for the business to change with the market as consumer demands change.  Strong word of mouth and a great reputation are just two reasons this facility has a large monthly customer membership, however, a more robust and concentrated marketing campaign could take this business to the next level.

Reason for Selling

Owner works a demanding full-time job and cannot put in the time required to take the business to the next level.

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Florida Fitness Center for Sale 88390239

PRICE:  $350,000

2018 REVENUE:  $306,593 *

SDE:  $171,365 *

F F & E:  $200,000

* Financials updated on 3/6/19 by owner

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