Brandon Fitness Center for Sale

MLS #883-90253

Business Overview

Likely to get SBA funding with 20% (or less) down.

Premiere franchised fitness center for sale with a tremendous local presence. People moving to the area can transfer their memberships. They provide their franchisees with superior branding and support. Get on-going education and training. They have great conferences to help disseminate excellent ideas and ways to grow the business.

This has been running for years. This opportunity is significantly better than starting a new franchise from scratch. New franchises can cost over $700,000 for this brand and it can take months or even a year to get your location identified, approved and built out. Additionally, you don’t have any guarantee as to when you will be profitable. We have seen our share of businesses that have gone years before they provided a reasonable net profit to the owner – and sadly, some that never have.

Property Features & Assets

Top in class. Well known. Smooth operation.

One option is to acquire the real estate that this business is located at. The property has one other tenant which brings in additional revenue for a new owner choosing to purchase the optional real estate. Asking price for the land alone is $1,750,000 and could be added to the price of the business. This would compensate for rent. If one got a fixed mortgage, it could be spread over 25 years, making rent equivalent very affordable and stable (would not go up. Beautiful and fully up-to-date with the franchise guidelines. Come see.

Market Competition & Expansion

Currently, Seller invests in very little marketing. This alone could make a dramatic effect on the business and a strong reason for acquiring this business. If it is doing this well without advertising, imagine how it could be improved.

Reason for Selling

The owner is moving.

Owner will sign a non-compete agreement and will provide ample training – two weeks is currently including in offering price.

88390253 Fitness Center for Sale Brandon

PRICE:  $595,000

REVENUE:  $489,330

CASH FLOW:  $150,031

FF&E:  $ 150,000


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