MLS #883-90294

Business Overview

Powerful Brand – Highly Profitable – Renovation & Roofing – Greater Tampa Bay

This renovation and roofing company is a highly recognized leader in the Multi-family contracting arena. They provide Florida based condominium, multi-family apartment, retail store, and commercial office building clients with the best quality of construction services available. This legacy company’s service teams are industry experts who know how to handle virtually any type of building, roofing, and repair job. They have the expertise, dynamics and proven consistency needed to complete any project successfully

Property Features & Assets

Easy moved within and around the Tampa Bay area.

Market Competition & Expansion

Company has developed an excellent reputation and stands out clearly from the competition.

Reason for Selling


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for sale 88390294 renovation and roofing co for sale

PRICE:  $ 4,900,000

REVENUE:  $5,717,204

CASH FLOW:  $ 1,340,614

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