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Refrigerant Company for sale 88390384


PRICE:  $ 2,420,000
REVENUE:  $ 2,029,273
CASH FLOW:  $ 709,322
EBITDA:  $ 649,322


Confidentiality is essential. Completion of Non-Disclosure Agreement and Buyer’s Worksheet are required for more detailed information.

General Business Overview

This company provides a full range of refrigerant services and supplies products. This company provides services and sales of refrigerants to commercial companies and some municipalities. Given its unique market position, it appears to have less direct competition than most businesses.

Full management is in place. The current manager is aware of this business going to market. He is expected to remain with the new owner. The founder spends minimal time in the day-to-day operation of this business currently. The founder is of age to retire and wants to focus on family and personal life.

This company has gained success in part by developing strong, long-term relations. The owner soundly believes in playing fairly and deeply established moral ground. This company is renowned for its quick service when needed. While other companies wait until the next convenient time, this company has put in late hours and off-days to serve the customer’s needs. They work to over-deliver to the competition. One saying they live by daily: We service our customers so they can serve theirs. Working closely with and listening to their customers give the company a better perspective on how to serve and grow.

Their typical days and hours are Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM, but as mentioned before, the team members gladly chip in to work as needed.

The owner established the company in 2009 and has successfully grown the company. They have grown at a rate of about 16% over the last four years. Covid did not seem to damage the demand for their products and service.

A successful new owner will need to learn and understand the industry, customers, and processes thoroughly. They will also need to closely embrace this company’s culture.

The company also prides itself on being timely, proactive, and flexible around the customer’s needs. The seller wants the buyer to be successful and insists on accepting an acquisition candidate who will continue to care for the customers and staff.

Property Features & Assets

This business is in an industrial area where access to major highways and interstates is extremely convenient. The property is neat and convenient. It offers an ample amount of parking. Most customers do not visit the location, although they have a wonderful inside board room and area for customers to come if they like. The warehouse production area has tall ceilings and amply handles all the processing and storage needed to grow this business further. They have a great doc that fits perfectly for the vehicles. It is an ideal location and facility for the type of work provided there.

The founder of the business owns the current real estate. He holds the real estate in a separate corporation.

The owner is more than willing to sell the property or provide an acceptable lease to the buyer of this business. He is open to discussion about making either the business with the property or the business alone a successful decision for the new owners.

The owner is not interested in selling the property without first selling the business.

Market Competition & Expansion

This company is not limited to serving Central Florida. They serviced around the state of Florida and, in fact, in many places throughout the country. They serve many different types of buildings and chillers and systems; they have developed some very specific niches we have proven to be very successful.

They believe the company will build its reputation naturally by serving clients very specific in style and nature around the country.

– The competition for business is typical for this industry. They have gained recognition from actual and potential clients in various parts of the US.

The business has a strong reputation and is growing accordingly. Although they have a website, they don’t do a lot of marketing.

A strong marketing campaign would probably be a natural consideration for someone wanting to grow the business even further.

Reason for Selling

The current owner wishes to retire, help his wife, do great things in North Carolina, and see the grandkids.

Confidentiality is essential. Completion of Non-Disclosure Agreement, Buyer’s Worksheet, and evidence of funds are required for more detailed information.

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