Construction Chemical Supply Business for Sale

MLS #883-99900

Sarasota County, FL

Business Summary

This Construction Chemical Supply Business is a wholesale distributor specializing in providing the construction industry with a diversified supply of sealers, glazes, compounds, and ancillary products. The Company operates from a 10,000 square-foot facility, which it leases from a third party. Offering these products requires a facility with a warehouse for storage, office space to coordinate logistics, and trained personnel knowledgeable about the various products.

The Company has a proven track record, supported by the longstanding reputation it maintains with its customers. With its broad range of products, the Company’s marketing efforts focus on targeting professional contractors and homeowners within the Sarasota area.

Revenues have been increasing, 12% over the past five years, largely due to the rebound in the construction industry. Last year, the Company’s total revenue was $2,600,000 with an EBITDA of $191,800. With a large customer base and solid reputation, the Company continues to attract new customers while maintaining its reputation with existing ones.

Essential Information

  • Type of Business: Wholesale Distribution
  • SIC Code: 508
  • Type of Sale: Asset or Stock
  • Type of Company: S Corporation
  • Year Established: Started 1988
  • Revenue Breakdown by Market:
    • Commercial: 90%
    • Residential: 10%
  • Number of Employees: 4
  • Seller Transition Time: 1 Month
  • Fair Market Value of FF&E: $378,000
  • Receivable Turnover: 23 x per year
  • Inventory Turnover: 10 x per year
88399900 Construction Chemical Business Sarasota Fl for sale

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REVENUE:  $2,600,000 

EBITDA:  $191,800

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