Non-Disclosure Agreement/Confidentiality Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement and Buyer’s Worksheet provide business owners with information from you that tells them you are legitimately interested in their business.  It gives them confidence that you will not disclose their important and often proprietary business practices as you investigate their business opportunity and it helps to protects their business assets in a competitive marketplace.

In order to receive confidential, private information about any business or businesses that you may be interested in, please read and fill out the two forms at the links below that take you to our document service providers.  You will find a link to our Non-Disclosure Agreement and to our Buyer’s Worksheet. After we have received your forms, we will be able to share more details with you regarding this business.

This does not obligate you to buy a business from us. These documents allow us to share details, location and other valuable information.


Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)/Confidentiality Agreement (CA)NDA Confidentiality Agreement BuyBizUSA

Please sign and complete. You will need the listing ID # and business name.  Listing ID numbers from our company typically look like this 883-9###.  * If you have a partner who will also be looking at the information and / or business, please have him or her sign a Nondisclosure Agreement as well.


Buyers Worksheet Legacy Venture GroupBuyer’s Worksheet**

Please complete form.



***IMPORTANT:  You will receive an email confirmation from RIGHT SIGNATURE after you submit the signed document via the links above. You must respond to this email in order for the signed form to show up in our system. 

Please add and to your contact list so you don’t miss any of our emails!

Important Notes

Some of Sellers insist on confirming that any prospective Buyer / Investor has funds necessary to purchase the business. They will allow sharing the business name and information only after a Prospective Buyer / Investor has completed and shared a Buyer’s Worksheet.


Although you will receive private information, often documents like tax returns and leases are only shared with Buyers / Investors as part of Due Diligence after an offer is accepted. Make sure when you make an offer that you have ability to get back any down payment the fails to satisfy the Due Diligence requirements.


Some Business Owners do not always have detailed records. Some listings will say Owner To Prove or Owner Estimate. Carefully assess the records you receive.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for giving us the opportunity to help. We enjoy helping people get the right business and look forward to helping you pursue you business dreams. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, please visit our office. We look forward meeting with you in person.

All the best to you,

Brian Stephens

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