Celebrating a Landmark Acquisition: SRS-FL Joins the Legacy Venture Group Success Stories

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At Legacy Venture Group’s Tampa Business Broker, we are thrilled to share the successful acquisition of SRS-FL, a specialty refrigerant services company that plays a crucial role in the refrigerant service and supply industry. SRS-FL, one of only 63 EPA-certified refrigerant recovery companies in the United States, stands out in a unique and vital niche.

Serving a Diverse Clientele

SRS-FL caters to an impressive array of clients, including large ice hockey arenas, airports, municipalities, OEMs, and mechanical contractors throughout Florida and the Southeast. Their expertise in refrigerant recovery and reclamation is indispensable, especially given the stringent EPA regulations that mandate the containment of refrigerants to protect our environment from harmful gases.

Expertise in Refrigerant Reclamation

One of the standout features of SRS-FL is their ability to reclaim refrigerants, removing impurities and returning them to the marketplace in purified form. This not only ensures compliance with ARI Standard 700-1993 but also meets the ongoing demand for refrigerants that are no longer produced or are being phased out. The specialized machinery and processes SRS-FL employs are not available at typical job sites, making their services even more critical.

Broad Reach and Comprehensive Services

SRS-FL’s service area spans multiple states, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and extends to large demolition jobs across the United States. Their offerings include refrigerant evacuation from chillers and appliances of all sizes, recycling refrigerants for customer reuse, and selling ARI-tested and approved refrigerants.

Legacy Venture Group’s Tampa Business Broker is proud to have facilitated the acquisition of such a distinguished company. SRS-FL’s commitment to rapid and top-quality service has earned them a stellar reputation among residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and agricultural customers.

A Culture of Excellence

SRS-FL’s success is rooted in their dedication to understanding and exceeding client needs. Their team is known for going the extra mile, often working late hours and weekends to meet urgent demands. The company’s philosophy, “We service our customers so they can serve theirs,” reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and market growth.

Established before 2010, SRS-FL has consistently grown, achieving an impressive 16% growth rate over the past four years. Notably, the demand for their products and services remained strong even during the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring their resilience and reliability. They are strong, collaborative style culture, on top of their amazing systems and processes, significantly increased the overall business valuation.

Looking Ahead

As SRS-FL transitions to new ownership, the successful new owner will need to embrace the company’s culture, understand the industry intricacies, and build on the solid foundation established by the previous owner. Legacy Venture Group’s Tampa Business Broker Team is confident that SRS-FL will continue to thrive and set new benchmarks in the refrigerant service and supply industry.

This acquisition is a testament to

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