Jim Mauro

Jim Mauro, Florida Business Broker
Business Broker
Spring Hill, FL
Phone 352-263-4752


Jim is a dedicated professional who has been a business owner for most of his adult life. His specialty is the manufacturing field, but he enjoys working with owners of successful businesses in any industry.

Jim's 20+ years of experience in the business brokerage profession provides him with insight and knowledge to assist a seller or buyer in understanding and being prepared for the buying and selling process. He prides himself in establishing a true connection with business owners and he takes the time and puts in the extra effort to make sure that everything is kept on track, everyone informed, and any challenges addressed.  This dedication to detail has enabled Jim to have a very high closing success rate. He personally appreciates the challenges that business owners face daily and understands how important their businesses are to them.

Connecting the right buyer with the right business takes experience and an understanding of a person’s goals both financial and personal. He truly believes that if you love what you do, it is not work, but rather something you look forward to every day.

In Jim's spare time, he enjoys traveling and has traveled worldwide for business and pleasure. He enjoys meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and enjoying this beautiful world we live in. Jim is a father, grandfather, and husband, and his family is his biggest joy.