Why You Should Get a Business Valuation Now, Not Later

Do you know your true Business ValueXpress Mark? If not, reach out to your local business broker, and ask to get it for business valuation.


Ever wondered what your business is truly worth? Waiting until you’re ready to sell to get a full business valuation can mean missing out on opportunities to enhance its value. Just ask your CBI or trained business broker about how the market appreciates will valued businesses for sale.

An early business valuation empowers you with critical insights, helping you understand how the market views your business and what steps you can take to increase its worth. 

It’s not just about boosting profits—although that plays a significant role. The real value drivers go beyond simple financial metrics.

How Do Experts Value Businesses? What Makes One Business Worth More Than Another?

The Importance of Early Valuation

Knowing your business’s worth is an essential part of strategic planning. An early valuation helps you:

  1. Understand Market Perception: See how the market truly values your business.
  2. Identify Value Drivers: Learn what aspects of your business add the most value.
  3. Make Informed Decisions: Take actionable steps to increase your business’s value before you decide to sell.

What Influences Business Valuation?

A comprehensive business valuation considers multiple factors. Here are some key components:

  • Market and Industry Conditions: Understanding the local and broader market trends.
  • Full Owner Benefit (SDE): Analyzing the seller’s discretionary earnings.
  • Key Value Drivers: Identifying unique aspects of your business that drive value.
  • Realistic Multiples: Applying accurate multiples to gross sales and net profit based on industry standards.

Types of Valuations at Legacy Venture Group

We offer three levels of business valuation services to suit your needs:

  1. Business360° business valuation, sell my business. What's my business worth? TAMPA business broker.Broker’s Opinion of Value (Free):
    • A basic estimate using provided financial information.
    • Helps determine if you’re in the right ballpark regarding your business’s value.
  1. Market Assessment of Price:
    • A detailed 15+ page report determining the Most Probable Selling Price.
    • Based on private data from resources like BBF and PeerComp.
    • Modestly priced, depending on your business’s complexity.
    • A valuable tool to help you understand your business’s value and prepare for a future sale.
  1. Full Business Valuation:
    • A comprehensive evaluation with detailed analysis.
    • Essential for SBA loans, legal matters, and in-depth financial planning.

Why Choose Legacy Venture Group?

At Legacy Venture Group, our team is trained by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA), ensuring you get an accurate and defendable estimate of your business’s value. Knowing your business’s worth is crucial for making strategic decisions and planning for the future.

Contact us today to schedule your business valuation. Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell—

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