2013 University of Tampa Fellows Forum – BMC Software, Meredith Corporation & PNC Financial Services Group

2013 University of Tampa Fellows Forum – BMC Software, Meredith Corporation & PNC Financial Services Group

University of Tampa What a great event.

Mr. Robert Beauchamp  (BMC) shared the value of innovation and passion. He shared how BMC refocused after facing great economic challenges. BMCs plan was one (1) page – yes, one page – and answered the question of what they wanted to look like a decade or more out! It led the company on the path of transformation and while there are always challenges and problems to solve, they continue focus on innovation and focus to fulfill their mission.

Mr. Stephen Lacy (Meredith Corporation) spoke about getting in touch with his feminine side, referring to taking time understand his company’s key consumers – women. He shared how the company has embraced various levels of media and marketing methodologies. With Meredith Corporation’s foundation based on delivering brands like Better Homes and Gardens and Parents, they have also realized the value of online media, digital marketing and social tools like Pinterest. Mr. Lacy clearly stated, that at least for Meredith Corporation, it is essential to maintain excellence through more just “traditional” forms of communication, such as paper magazines, but to also embrace the digital/social world. One does not replace the other, but must compliment the other.

James Rohr (PNC), added considerable wit along with his wisdom and insight. PNC has made considerable investment in Florida and has grown significantly over the last few years. One of their basic principals it to maintain personal focus on customers like a small business does (or should!) and yet share the strength of a large organization. One of the great benefits of a large bank is the ability to protect their customers with powerful cyber defense which is a growing challenge worldwide.

All three were gracious with their time and knowledge. Stacie Schaible of Channel 8 did a great job hosting the event and keeping the agenda relevant and on time.  Pam Tope, Verizon’s Region President –Florida shared some of the great technological advances aiding child education, fire fighters, and more. We need a whole seminar just from Pam as well.

While most of our readers are present or future entrepreneurs, some o f our readers are also job seekers.  Mr. Beauchamp shared his humble beginnings when looking for a job in another terrible economy. I won’t bother with the details here accept for the fact that there was watching TV in a suit during the day, frustration, family needs, taking a terrible sales job on commission selling sports tickets but never making a cent, and getting an opportunity out of one of his sales calls that lead to a great career. So job seekers, get active and have hope. You never know when you find the next career opportunity will come from, but be sure that it will come from a person, not a computer or an internet site.