Ready to own your own business? Want to call your own shots? Get fully reward for your great ideas and talents?

But also want to start making great money right away?

We say at Legacy, “If you are too old to move back in with mom and dad, and your best friend’s couch is too small for you, your spouse, and your 2.5 kids, not to mention the dog, then acquiring an existing business might be just right for you.”

If you are thinking about buying a business, you are already on your way to becoming part of an elite group of innovative entrepreneurs we referred to as Acquisition Heroes.

The key is getting the right business, at the right price, and done the right way. There are plenty of confusing messages and deceptions. If you have not acquired a business before, then the information we share is just for you.

Maybe you are a Corporate Refugee leaving the comforts and limitations of the cubicle culture.

Maybe you are an Enterprise Veteran, ready to apply the skill, talents, and leadership abilities developed while protecting our nation. THANK YOU!

Maybe you are a Visa Seeker, looking to bring your dreams and family to the country we are so proud of.

Whatever your background and vision, if you wish to successfully navigate the complex but rewarding path toward finding a great existing business to own and lead, we dedicate the Thinking Outside the Boss series to Acquisition Heroes like you.