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MLS #883-90405


PRICE:  $ 849,000
REVENUE:  1,625,708
CASH FLOW:  $ 285,778
EBITDA:  $ 225,778

Confidentiality is essential. Completion of Non-Disclosure Agreement and Buyer’s Worksheet are required for more detailed information.

Business Overview

This company cleans, services, and repairs exclusively for commercial clients such as apartment complexes. They have a full team in place. The owner oversees the books and client relations but is not involved in day-to-day pool service.

Business growth has been strong.

The company has around 200 pools and close to 180 clients. They focus on serving commercial clients such as apartment complexes in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee Counties. The owner estimates that there are between 7000 and 8000 commercial properties, so there is potential to grow. They have not aggressively pushed any marketing over the last couple of years. They have recently been growing through referrals and their website presence.

The owner does not clean pools.

The company has been successfully serving clients since 2015. They have a fleet of 12 vehicles and a 10-member team servicing pools and making repairs.

Their technicians maintain correct chemical levels in swimming pools and spa, clean filters, tiles, pumps, and lines to prevent unusual wear and tear, and keep equipment working at a satisfactory and safe level. This company provides all chemicals used in their Scope of Service.

They also maintain periodic report logs in compliance with the Florida Department of Health code standards.

This company has a qualified repair team who provide advice, troubleshoot issues, and repair pool equipment.

Services are provided Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Florida requires a Florida Certified Pool Contractor (CPC) license. If you do not have the license required, the Seller is willing to help. If you do not have the proper license, the owner will hold the license in the business to allow the new owner to get licensed.

Property Features & Assets

Business leases warehouse/storage in the northern part of Tampa Bay. Rental payments are $3,210 per month. The location could be moved at the end of the lease for the buyer’s convenience, but they have a satisfactory warehouse with a reasonable lease.

Marketing/ Competition

The owner does some networking but has seen growth come from referrals. The company has an online presence but does not invest much in marketing as word of mouth has proven successful.

Conditions have been good for the business. Sales have been steadily moving upward. Bring your business development and marketing skills to a whole new level. Rents are getting stronger at community apartments, allowing more cash flow to allow sustain quality pool services.


This is a well-established service company with over ten years and has created an incredible reputation.

There is room to grow this business. Consider that there are over 7,000 potential clients in the market area. Secondly, take note that Florida’s population growth remains very strong. Regarding industry trends, Florida’s market will likely require even more new buildings with pools, including apartments and condominium communities.

There should be plenty of growth in the area to encourage more new commercial pools.

From StateofFlorida.com website: Number of people who move to Florida daily — 1,000.

Growth in population and pools means more opportunities to grow the business. The business has a nice steady cash flow. The seller’s asking price will include cash coming into the business when the new owner takes over.

SBA Qualification Possible

This business may qualify for SBA financing for buyers with reasonable credit and the other qualities required to get an SBA loan. One who qualifies should be able to acquire this business for 20% down. This will be up to the final approval of the SBA lenders.

Reason for Selling

The owner has other interests and is ready to pass the torch on to a new owner!  The owner will sign a non-compete agreement to satisfy the new owner.

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