Legacy Venture Group Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions passionately provides excellent service to the Sellers and Buyers of businesses. We have many businesses for sale, and international team to help us market new businesses every day. We enjoy bringing buyers and sellers together and will work hard to help you reach your goal. Contact your Tampa Business Brokers today.

Sell a Business, Share a Legacy: Business owners who will ever sell or transition the ownership of their businesses, should take advantage of Legacy Venture Group’s Business Brokers’ free initial consultation – even if you don’t think you can sell your business. We help business owners maximize the value of their companies in preparation of someday transferring ownership, even if the idea of selling is no where on the visible horizon. Planning increases value.  The Legacy team provides you with expertise in buyer contact, preparation, marketing, pricing, negotiation, and confidentiality. If none of these were important you can just put a big ‘For Sale’ sign on your door, or list it with a standard real estate agency. You deserve the right price, the right buyer and the right process. You are selling more than just a business, your sharing a part of your Legacy.

Buy a Business, Begin a Dream: Most buyers of businesses seek to make a good investment that gives them personal satisfaction. That is why most buyers won’t settle for working for someone else. Many who contact our offices are first time buyers. Legacy Venture Group Business Brokers works to help buyers through the process. We listen to your needs and wants. We will work to help you find businesses that satisfy you. We can help with finance, business plans, and refer you to competent resources. You get a full line business brokerage when you choose Legacy. We know you are buying more than just a business; you are fulfilling a dream or ambition.