How to buy a business in Florida – Hair Salon – Licensing


Buy or sell your businessIf you are looking to buy a business in Tampa or buy a business in Florida, researching the laws and licensing requirements before you start your search will give you a decisive advantage. Sometimes you will find a business of interest that requires a license that can take months or years to secure. Some business owners will support the process by allowing their license to stay with the business for a while. However, there is no guarantee that they will be around or will continue to support you long after the sale. In a few cases, the employees will also offer stick around, but what is to stop them from leaving. Always carefully research when you buy a business. If you are using a business broker, make sure you get all the details in writing from the Seller. You might even insist on putting some of the money buying the business in escrow until the time for getting the license to buy the business has elapsed. Always use a reasonable attorney’s resources in helping people buy a business or sell a business.

If you are looking to buy a hair salon or a stylist, you can check out the government licensing office. Here are a few quick links for your convenience.


A Florida cosmetology license is required to perform cosmetology services. For applicants who have completed their cosmetology education in Florida, you must apply utilizing this form.

Application Requirements:
  • AGE: Cosmetology applicants for licensure by examination must be at least 16 years of age or have received a high school diploma.
  • EDUCATION: Applicants must complete 1,200 school hours in a cosmetology program. Florida cosmetology students must apply for licensure by examination. Please review the application instructions for a full list of requirements.
  • EXAMINATION: Applicants must complete both portions of the examination within a two-year period from the date of the first attempt of either portion of the exam. If both portions of the examination are not passed within a two year period, the applicant will be required to pass both portions of the examination again. If the applicant fails either portion of the examination on the first attempt, the applicant can submit a reexamination application without any additional signatures from the cosmetology school. Remedial hours may be required with verification by the school. For more information regarding the Cosmetology examination, please review the Cosmetology License Examination Candidate Information Booklet.
  • HIV/AIDS COURSE: Applicants who completed their education at a Florida school should submit the initial HIV/AIDS course completion certificate received from their school. The HIV/AIDS course must have been completed within two years prior to submitting an application and must be at least four hours long. For more information, please refer to our list of board-approved Initial HIV/AIDS Courses.
  • GRADUATE CERTIFICATION: A completed Graduate Certification Form from Section III of form COSMO 1 must be submitted with your application.
  • FEE: Pay the required fee as provided in the application. If applying online, you can pay with a credit card or electronic check. If mailing your application, please include a check payable to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Military veterans, their spouses and Florida National Guard members may be eligible for a fee waiver, fee reimbursement, and/or fee discount. Please visit our DBPR Military Services page for more information.
  • APPLICATION: Complete the application by clicking on the “Online Services” link or the “Printable Application” link at the bottom of the page.


If you have questions or need assistance in completing this application, please call the Customer Contact Center at 850.487.1395 or use our convenient contact