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2015 looks like it will be grossing over $600K on books and netting over $90K for owner

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Great WingsHAVE IT ALL! Getting an existing franchise is one of the best winning solutions for the first time business owner. You get immediate cash flow, customers and business and you get support and training. New franchises can take a long time to earn a profit and can cost more to set up and market. Existing, non-franchise businesses seldom have easy to follow success systems or on-going support.

Get on board with one of the best. This is one of the hottest franchise businesses you will see on the marketplace. It is fun, exciting, well run and has great food, customers and staff. Seller will train you. Current owner has bee there for several years and needs to time now focus on her family.

Below you will find a full array of information about this business, including a summary of the sales and expenses for 2014, the reason we priced the business we did and justification by copies of other sales of other restaurants, pictures, the menu, maps, comments from previous customers, and the 2014 industry report on full-service restaurants provided by the Business Reference Guide – the industry-standard book for understanding the value of businesses.