Unveiling the Hidden Gem in Real Estate: Business Brokering for Increased Profits

Did you realize that in the United States, 17 states mandate a real estate license to broker businesses? What strategies are the remaining 33 states employing?

Over 15 years ago, we established Legacy Venture Group (LVGAdvisors.com), gaining invaluable insights through aiding clients in purchasing, selling, appraising, or exiting businesses.

However, merely possessing a real estate license often isn’t sufficient.

To excel, one must master the art of accurately pricing businesses, calculating net working capital, normalizing financial statements, and managing accounts receivable and payable, especially for larger entities—the complexities are extensive.

The demand for skilled professionals who are both knowledgeable and empathetic to guide seasoned business owners through this often underestimated challenging process is high. Many business owners anticipate an easy transition to retirement, possibly passing the business to a child—which rarely succeeds—or arranging an employee buyout through an ESOP. If these plans falter, the next step is typically a confidential market sale, fraught with hurdles, unless they seek professional assistance.

Are you equipped to assist an entrepreneur who has devoted four decades to building a reputable business? Are you prepared to earn significantly, contribute positively to your community by retaining jobs, and maintain customer satisfaction?

Selling real estate often feels like fishing in a blood-red ocean—intensely competitive and overcrowded. But business brokering? It’s a different league. Consider a homeowner temporarily relocating; their property likely retains, if not increases, its value over time. Contrast this with a 30-year-old legacy pizza restaurant generating $250,000 in EBITDA, potentially worth $700,000 to $800,000. Should it close for six months, its value plummets, leaving little beyond the depreciated value of its equipment.

We delve into these dynamics extensively in our training.

I’m passionate about my profession. My father, after a distinguished career with the National Security Agency (https://www.nsa.gov), established a thriving real estate firm in Naples, Florida. Though I initially pursued a different path in the oil sector in D.C., I eventually found my calling in business brokering, drawing on eight years of prior experience coaching business owners.

I’m eager to share strategies on delivering exceptional service and making a significant impact on business owners’ lives. Typically, commissions in business sales surpass those in residential real estate. Explore opportunities with us at (www.BuyBizFL.com).

Consider the potential: according to the Exit Planning Institute (https://exit-planning-institute.org/exit-planning-faqs), the looming retirement of baby boomers represents a $14 trillion opportunity over the next decade.

Act now to avoid future regrets of missed opportunities.

Let us assist you. We offer robust training programs and seek to foster relationships with individuals driven by passion and compassion. For inquiries, contact me, Brian Stephens (https://btctampa.com/member-only-directory/entry/34/?pagenum=2).

Lastly, for real estate agents aiming to elevate their earning potential and expand their portfolio, my esteemed colleague Alan Thompson and I can guide you in mastering both commercial real estate and business sales through our comprehensive program.

Join us as we endeavor to revolutionize our industry and positively impact the world.

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