15 Reasons Why This Six-Figure Income Business is One of the Very Best You Will Ever See on the Market

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  1. Over two decades of celebrated success
  2. SBA lender prequalified (NOTE: less than 8% of the business is on the market have this type of credential)
  3. Comes with a fully vested and trained manager
  4. The staff is mostly long-term employees some going back to its original founding. (NOTE: Presence of long term employees is one of the most consistent factors of highly successful businesses)
  5. Full and long-term training by owner
  6. Highly stable business
  7. Ran successfully even during the toughest economic times
  8. Complete records including tax returns
  9. Real estate available but not required to purchase
  10. Business is easily re-locatable
  11. Business is highly scalable
  12. Excellent effective website draws customers in
  13. An amazing array of customers and clients
  14. Three key identified ways to solidly grow sales and profits
  15. Can buy this business for as little as 15% down – only a small percentage of businesses have this feature
  16. Very likely to qualify as an E2 Visa business and possibly an L1 Visa business if the land is included. Should easily pass the scrutiny of our US embassies in all international countries that work with this visa program.

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