Another Corporate Refugee Moves Down to Florida and Steps Up to Entrepreneurship!

Welcome YoYo Juice!

With his first month almost behind him, Corporate Refugee Scott Laviano leaves the corporate world as well as the cold of the north to bring his family and great idea to Florida. In Brandon, FL you can now enjoy super fresh smoothies, wraps, salads made with natural ingredients and filled with great taste. Scott, the creator of this concept, took over the assets of a former smoothie shop that had been around for years. He capitalized on the great location and community and took time to understand what the clients liked best in the old place.

While the former place had been a franchise, Scott had the freedom to create an even place even better. He has a great new menu board system, a super cool on-line ordering system, some awesome new flavors, and a whole slew incredible new ideas to implement over the coming year.

He is another Corporate Refugee who brings years of experience and transferrable skills from his past career. And while the food service industry is new to him, his skills transfer nicely to the smoothie and healthy food business. If you are ever in Brandon, drop by Yo Yo Juice at 1044 Bloomingdale Avenue (far corner from Walmart) and visit their website at  Help him out with a “Like” on Facebook. We need to keep helping more entrepreneurs bring good service, good jobs and good wealth to our communities.Lunch