Becoming a business owner?

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.17.25 AMAre you thinking of becoming a business owner or a perhaps becoming a more satisfied one? Take time to deeply understand why you would choose a particular business to pursue.

Free yourself enough to consider any avenue that interests you. Imagine for moment you had all the training, resources and certification to do anything you wanted. Write out five to ten fantasy businesses to lead or work in. Then select the top three that inspire you the most and write out what motivates you about each of them. Write out what you would be doing specifically in a given day or week that fulfills you the most. Discover that which you are most passionate about.

Take time to write out how you would like to see the legacy of your life go forward from this point in time. Bring all aspects of you life together in your vision of life legacy. Think about aspects of you life you can control from relationships, health, mind and faith. Take time to assess what is important to you today and consider your potential. Over time we evolve, the world changes, our priorities shift, and our skills and abilities grow. Choose a business choice that aligns with your passions and priorities.

Many successful Legacy Venture Group clients have acquired and customized businesses that were very different from what they had done in the past. For a few examples, one manufacturing manger is now running a plumbing company, a marketing manager grew a chain of auto repair shops with never learning how to repair cars, a PhD in biochemistry runs a chain of convenience stores, and a finance investment expert ran a successful cabinet installation company and now runs a very wonderful restaurant and bar on an island.

The most successful business owners and entrepreneurs have found something that aligns with their vision of a desired life legacy. It is never the money first, but the pursuit of something they can be passionate . The define success for themselves and persevere. Take time to envision your dreams and make them happen by carefully but passionately pursuing your vision of your life legacy.