Bradenton Restaurant – Net $160k and only $60K down

Live in one of Florida's Best Cities! Own one of their best businesses.
Live in one of Florida’s Best Cities! Own one of their best businesses.

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Exceptional. Well recognized. Beautiful. Fun. Indoor and outdoor seating. Nice area. Plenty of customers with plenty of money. Netting over $160K in 2015. SBA Financing with on  20% down. Likely to get a E2 Vis. Great books. Seller financing with 50% down.

There are number of ways to go into business for yourself. If you’re considering a restaurant for instance you can start one up from scratch. Create your menu, draft your plans of operations, get the permitting, build it out and bring in enough customers to make a profit.There also many franchises that would love for you to open another one of their locations.

The challenge with both of those options are that you just never know when, if ever, you going to turn a profit. One of our favorite accountants in the area says that she never  allows people to show a profit on their business plan projection until after the third year because of what she has observed of the last few decades.

We have seen our share of restaurants that of been losing money for years. It’s not an easy business although it’s not overly difficult either.

One of the greatest advantages to acquiring an existing that it comes all the proven systems, customers, employees and cash flow in place. Making money right off, and point your energy into making the business even better can be a lot more satisfying than hoping enough customers and to pay off the bills before the end of the year

It’s really important to make sure that the books and records can prove the income though. There are plenty of restaurants for sale that look glamorous but turn out to be marginally profitable or losing money. Is all the nonsense of owners asking you to work in the business for a couple weeks he can make your own observation, or check out my hidden books in the back, or the “just trust me” lines. That might be fine if you got tons of experience in the industry you’re looking for your fourth pizza restaurant. It might not be so great if you are needing cash flow from your new business to pay your bills and allow you to take care of your household.

Occasionally you can find a restaurant that’s good enough to get SBA backed bank financing. If you do find one that  has great records, supporting sales, and enough years of operation, it is worth taking an extra hard look. Even if your dream restaurant looks somewhat different, consider the advantages of a profitable business with a great operation that is making good money and only only require you to come up with 20% down. Overtime you can modify the business to be more like your ideal concept. Remember Howard Schultz acquired the first five Starbucks and created an incredible empire that looks very different today.

We are very proud of this location in Bradenton. Not only is Bradenton an incredibly awesome city to live in, it has a huge population of people who love restaurants. For many many reasons this restaurant stands out. Here’s a bit of a summary below. We keep all of our business listings confidential to protect the business, the customers, and employees of course. But we can send you a confidentiality agreement and share with you all the details and have you go by and visit the restaurant. One of our agents at Legacy Venture Group would be more than glad to give you a tour or even set up a meeting with the owner if you are serious and think this might be a great fit for you. Should you read this article sometime in the future, realize that not all business listings last forever but Legacy Venture Group always has great businesses for sale. Will be glad to try and find you the best one for you

Real books and records. If you are serious about owning a great restaurant with a great staff, this is the place. Of the nearly 700 restaurants for sale in Florida today, see how many are netting $150K and being sold for under $300K and are good enough to have SBA financing. Seller financing with 50% down also possible.

If your definition of success includes making a great income, getting a place w a great reputation, and owning a place the has great records, stop looking and make this one yours today.

This is also very likely to get a qualified person or family from another country to qualify for an E2 Visa. Our firm has helped lots of folks form around the world get a visa with our better listing.

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