Congrats to Drago on the Business & the Visa

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We wish to congratulate to Drago Jazbec on being granted his visa allowing him to own and operate a business here in the US. We wish to also congratulate him on his terrific business acquisition Florida. We at Legacy Venture Group appreciated the opportunity to help this loyal client identify the right business and bring the best solutions through our great network of professionals that we have been blessed to work with. Mr. Jazbec scrutinized dozens of businesses over at least six months of research, offers and negotiations.

This particular business and visa acquisition fully exercised the collaborative efforts of our top-notch affiliates that included business lawyers, fellow business transitions specialists, immigration attorneys and more.

Although each client’s acquisition details are highly confidential, we were delighted to have been a part of the process and proud of the innovative solutions that resulted from working with Mr. Jazbec. Our incredible network of professionals helped by creatively addressing the numerous challenges encountered along the way.

This was definitely not a “typical” business ownership transition and yet the business solutions produced a terrific win-win for our clients once again. Both Buyer and Seller were delighted with the outcome and have a strong, positive future ahead of them.

Keep an eye out for Drago Jazbec’s great efforts to build upon the incredible legacy established by Bob Aranella, who is remaining as part of All Star Cleaning team for years to come. The merger of these two dynamic individuals, along with the talents of a great team of employees and terrific clients, has resulted in a great acquisition for this seasoned professional.

Mr. Jazbec is a highly experienced business owner, with two awesome children (one of whom already attends college here the US) and a wonderful wife who shares his excitement of being part of the US successful business community. He and his family scrimped and saved for over decade to turn this dream into a living legacy. He has come all the way from Slovenia to participate in the great things that the USA has to offer – including and especially, an outstanding business environment that allows for opportunity and growth for those willing and prepared to work hard and smart.