Finding A Dream Business in an Nightmare Economy!

This is the introduction to a series called Finding A Dream Business In A Nightmare Economy.

According to a survey by Yahoo business over 70% of American adults say that they would like to work for themselves. We know from experience that only a small percentage of those adults ever realize their dreams.

There are many reasons for that low number. Most people become too comfortable with the jobs that they have. Many fear that become a business owner is too costly and they never have a savings in order to do it. Many hear of the risks involved in their large percentage of business failures and are fearful. Still many others just don’t know where to start. But that’s what I am here to talk about today – where to start.

Having improper start to becoming a business owner significantly to increases success. I know this because I am served over 500 business owners of last 15 years. I’ve learned from them so here are a few of the things I would like to share.

There are many ways one becomes a business owner but the three most popular ways are to 1. Start from scratch (like Mark Zuckerburg & Facebook); or 2. Buy an existing business (like Ray Kroc or Starbucks guy) or 3. Buy a Franchise – like many McDonalds (thanks to Ray Kroc). But all those ways still require preparing carefully and planning accordingly. All involve commitment, reward and risk. So getting the right start gives one an advantage that most people fail to grasp.

Request the 7 Must Do Steps when becoming a business owner – whether you start one up from scratch, buy a franchise or invest in an existing business. About a third of the businesses that come to us are selling because they are unhappy and wish they have done some or all of these steps!