How to Get an Investor Visa By Finding the Right Qualifying Business

Need an Investor Visa?Investor Visa

To qualify for an Investor Visa (E2 and others), find a bona fide enterprise that is not marginal and that fits your passions and abilities.  What do we mean when we say “bona fide” and “not marginal”?

A bona fide enterprise is a real, operating business that is making a profit and can be fully documented.  It can not be an idle investment.

A business can not be marginal either.  It must generate more that enough income to satisfy the reasonable needs of you and your family or make a ‘significant economic contribution.’

How we can help?

Legacy Venture Group helps clients select appropriate businesses – out of the thousands of businesses for sale that don’t have the records, earnings or other qualifications necessary for getting an approval – for your visa. There are thousands of businesses for sale on the market at any given time. Many claim they are great businesses and that the owner can ‘prove’ the earnings, but most of the businesses for sales are unlikely to be approved for qualifying you for your investment visa. We have worked with clients from around the world over the past decade and we have 100% success rate by making sure, ahead of time, that the business had the right character and quality necessary to help you qualify for an investor visa.

Legacy Venture Group works with one of the most successful immigration law firms to help assure the best possibilities for our visa seeking clients. If you are interested in getting an investment visa and coming to the US, we will be glad to assist you. Most of our programs are free to you although there are fess associated with the attorneys and the Embassy filing. Reach out to us today for more.

Call us at 833-Buy-Biz1 (833-289-2491) or send us an email. Look at some of the business opportunities available today by visiting We can help with the details on any of these.

We are here to help and enjoy working with all of our clients seeking to come to the US. We are here to serve you. Additionally, we are looking for international partners from around the globe to help us connect with people in each country. Please contact us for more about that as well.

Good luck on you journey.

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Brian Stephens, MBA, CBI
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