Legacy Buyer Advantage for anyone seeking to buy an existing business.

Looking to be your own boss? Start your own, get a franchise, or buy an existing business?

Legacy Buyer Advantage provides Buyer Side support when considering buying a business?

Start a Business? Although it seems like the least expensive way to get going, often the expenses run higher than expected and the time line to make a profit goes out much longer than planned – and many times the creator closes before making a reasonable profit. Check www.SBA.org for the percent of success versus failure over the first five years. Or check https://smallbiztrends.com/2012/09/failure-rates-by-sector-the-real-numbers.html for more perspective.

Buying a Franchise? In spite of numerous tests to match the “perfect fit” for a franchise, many smart people end up making little or no many after years of hard work. Check (https://www.bluemaumau.org/11665/worst_25_franchises_highest_failure_rates_2012) www.BlueMauMau.org of the top Franchises whose operator’s could not pay back their SBA backed loans (you may be surprised at how many franchises you will know well).

Buy an Existing Business? And just because you buy an existing business, are you really sure the you offered the right price, seen the right taxes or financials, or done a thorough job on your due diligence. It worked for Howard Schultz of Starbucks and Ray Kroc of McDonalds, but not everyone is so fortunate.

While we cannot guarantee success, we can provide you with tools, insights and support to give you an advantage as a Buyer. Our Legacy Buyer Advantage focuses on your needs as a Business Buyer, whether you use us to actually represent you in a sale or just get the right insight and perspective to give you a buyer’s advantage.

FREE TO FLORIDA CUSTOMERSBroker’s Business Pricing and Summary Papers (one per household,  free through June 7, 2013 but available again afterwards for $25.00 per industry/franchise/business type): Get this business by industry summary [$25 VALUE] We might not have information on every industry, but we have information on over 600 businesses, franchises or industries. Email us with your name

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