Want to Succeed in Business? Do What You Love!

When most people start thinking about different business ownership opportunities, they realize that there are plenty of choices. We always recommend finding something to do that you will love. Of course you have to choose a business that is within your budget, and you have to find a business that you can do, or learn to do. But it is very valuable to find something that you can be passionate about.

Doing what you love does not have to be limited to being passionate about a particular industry. You don’t have to love plumbing to happily run a successful plumbing company, or be crazy about pizza in order to passionately develop the best pizza place in town. Think of the things that you will do on a day-to-day basis when running the business of your dreams. Do you love solving problems? Or making things with your hands? Or meeting new people? Do you like working in an environment that thrives on innovation or do you prefer a very systematic environment that does best by doing the same thing over and over consistently?

Doing what you love leads to greater success as well. Computer glitches, hard to please clients, business regulation changes and many other issues, both small and large, add to stress. Even a steady stream of low level stress activates our sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which releases hormones that negatively interfere with health, creativity, clear thinking and social skills.

When we work on things we are passionate about we are more likely to activate our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which releases hormones that lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system, reversing the impact of SNS hormones. You are more effective at finding great business solutions, helping customers, and leading team members.

You don’t have to have years of experience in something to be great. Open your mind. Think about what you loved doing when you were a kid. Think about what section of books you are most drawn to when visiting a library or bookstore. Experiment. Try finding temporary or part time work in an industry that interests you. No one but you can decide what is best. But if you want lasting satisfaction and optimum opportunity for success as a business owner, take the time and energy to find something you will love doing.