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Can I sell my business? How do I sell my business? Do I need a business broker (a Legacy Tampa Business Broker, i.e..) to sell my business? How do I keep the sale of my business confidential yet find the right person who wants to buy a business like mine? What is my business worth?Florida Business Selling Market Analysis: Key Insights from the Last 12 Months

Have you ever wondered what intriguing businesses are up for grabs in the Sunshine State? Florida’s vibrant market offers a diverse array of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned investors alike. From bustling restaurants to eclectic retail shops, the variety is endless. But what types of businesses are most frequently sold? More importantly, which ones bring in the highest revenues and sales?

In this blog, we delve into the most interesting businesses currently on the market in Florida. We uncover the most popular types of businesses being sold and analyze whether they truly generate the highest total revenues. Join us as we explore these insights and more, providing a comprehensive snapshot of Florida’s dynamic business landscape. Whether you’re considering a new venture or simply curious about the business trends, this quick read offers valuable information to guide your journey.

The past year has been a dynamic period for the business selling market in Florida. Analyzing over 1000 businesses sold, it’s clear that certain sectors have emerged as leaders, either in the number of transactions or the total value of sales. Understanding these trends is crucial for seasoned business owners considering their own exit strategies. Tampa Business Broker professionals have been instrumental in these transactions, providing expertise in Business Valuation and market insights. Here’s a comprehensive review of the key trends observed over the last 12 months.

Food Service Industry: Leading in Volume

The food service industry, encompassing restaurants and bars, has seen the highest number of individual units sold. This sector’s prominence is driven by several factors:

  1. High Turnover and Demand: Florida’s bustling tourism industry, coupled with a vibrant local dining scene, creates a constant demand for new and unique food establishments. Restaurants and bars often experience high turnover rates, leading to a significant number of transactions.
  2. Diverse Buyer Interest: This sector attracts a wide range of buyers, from first-time entrepreneurs to seasoned operators and investment groups. The variety and accessibility of food service businesses make them appealing to many potential owners.
  3. Market Accessibility: With comparatively lower initial investment requirements, restaurants and bars offer an accessible entry point for aspiring business owners. The median sale price for restaurants stands at approximately $149,500, making them a feasible option for many buyers.

Construction-Related Businesses: Dominating in Sales Value

While the food service industry leads in transaction volume, construction-related businesses take the top spot in terms of total sales value. Here’s why:

  1. Substantial Investments: Construction businesses typically involve larger investments due to their nature, including extensive equipment, significant client contracts, and substantial cash flow. The median sale price for construction businesses is around $725,000, reflecting their high value.
  2. Economic Expansion: Florida’s ongoing economic growth, driven by real estate development and infrastructure projects, has bolstered the value and demand for construction-related enterprises. This trend is likely to continue as the state expands.
  3. Strategic Acquisitions: Larger firms frequently acquire construction businesses to enhance their market presence, diversify services, or enter new geographic regions. These strategic acquisitions often come with higher price tags, contributing to the overall sales value.

Tampa Business Brokers: Key Facilitators in the Market

Tampa Business Brokers have played a pivotal role in the business selling market, offering essential services that ensure successful transactions:

  1. Accurate Business Valuation: Providing precise Business Valuation is crucial for setting realistic expectations and pricing businesses appropriately. Tampa Business Brokers use advanced valuation methods to reflect the true worth of businesses.
  2. Market Expertise: With a deep understanding of market trends and buyer behavior, Tampa Business Brokers guide sellers through the complexities of the sales process, ensuring a smooth transaction from listing to closing.
  3. Extensive Network: Leveraging a broad network of potential buyers, including individual investors and corporate entities, Tampa Business Brokers maximize exposure for businesses on the market.
  4. Confidential Handling and Negotiation: Maintaining confidentiality is essential in business transactions to protect the interests of all parties involved. Tampa Business Brokers ensure discreet handling of sales while expertly negotiating terms to benefit their clients.

Key Trends and Insights from the Data

The detailed data on business sales in Florida over the last 12 months highlights several important trends:

  • High-Value Sectors: Beyond construction, other high-value sectors include manufacturing (median sale price of $1,000,000) and distribution ($1,053,189). These sectors contribute significantly to the total sales value.
  • Niche Markets: Smaller sectors such as medical-related businesses, real property, and lawn/landscaping services also show strong performance, indicating diverse opportunities across the market.
  • Varied Median Prices: The median prices vary widely across sectors, from $149,500 for restaurants to $2,000,000 for environmental-related businesses. This variation reflects the different scales and investment levels associated with each industry.

Preparing for Exit: Tips for Business Owners

For seasoned business owners considering an exit, it’s essential to plan strategically. Here are some tips to ensure a successful transition:

  1. Early Planning: Start planning your exit strategy well in advance. Align your business operations and financials with your long-term goals.
  2. Engage Professionals: Work with experienced Tampa Business Brokers and Business Valuation experts. Their knowledge and skills will help you navigate the selling process effectively.
  3. Optimize Financial Records: Ensure your financial records are accurate and up to date. Clear and transparent financials increase buyer confidence and can lead to a higher sale price.
  4. Enhance Business Value: Focus on areas that can enhance your business’s value, such as diversifying your client base, improving operational efficiencies, and investing in key assets.
  5. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of market trends and industry dynamics. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions about timing and strategy.


The last 12 months have underscored the resilience and dynamism of Florida’s business selling market. With food service businesses leading in volume and construction-related businesses excelling in total sales value, there are diverse opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Understanding these trends and leveraging the expertise of Tampa Business Brokers and Business Valuation services can significantly impact your exit strategy.

Tampa Business Brokers are equipped to guide you through every step, from accurate Business Valuation to finding the right buyer and closing the deal. As you consider your exit, ensure you have the right partners by your side to maximize the value and success of your business sale.

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