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Legacy Guardian Services

Business Owner Transition Services for Business Buyers and Visa Seekers

Get the support you need.

In the process of buying a great business, the You deserve the right support and service to make the best possible decision. If this is your first business acquisition or if you just wish to maximize your opportunity for a smooth, successful transition, Legacy Guardian Service is here to support you.

As you identify a business that you are interested in purchasing, there are many things you need to know and many tools you can embrace.

Here is some of what is covered in the Legacy Guardian Services program:

  • Market Price Analysis – Are you paying a reasonable price? Get an idea of how the market would price this business.
  • Industry Sold Comps – Get data of other businesses in the same or similar industry and what they have sold for.
  • General Sold Comps – Get data of other businesses across all industries and what they have sold for.
  • For Sale Comps of other businesses on the market – see pricing ratios of same or similar industry businesses for sale.
  • Creating Due Diligence – Get a list of due diligence questions to help you create a list of what you should be asking but might not have thought of
  • Seller’s Disclosure Request – If your Seller has not provided one, you will benefit from written confirmation as to what the Seller may or may not know about present and future concerns regarding the business you are looking at.
  • Tax Record Confirmation – Make sure the records the Seller is presenting are the same the same as the ones they have sent to the IRS. We have found occasional discrepancies so why not “trust but verify”.
  • Industry Report – Depending on industry, when available only
  • Resource Guide – Include website, phone numbers, definitions and explanations (Contract Terms, SDE, Why Confidentiality…)
  • Funding from a Retirement Fund (401K or IRA) – Choose the best for you. Some of the most advertised programs are the most expensive. We give you a choice and let you know the personal success of other clients who have used them
  • Funding from Bank – SBA loans once again being provided but not all lenders work with all industries. Too often, Buyers get pretty far along in the loan process only to find out that the bank has decided not to make them a loan. While there are no guarantees, we help find a good match for you and the business. You can evn talk to the banks in advance for your own Pre-Qualification.
  • Contingency Consulting – Think through the contingencies that will allow you to get out of the contract to buy a business and make sure they are part of the contract before you sign and obligate yourself. Is the Non-Compete Reasonable? What if you cannot get a needed loan, landlord approval, franchise approval, training protection, bills from the past operator …?
  • General Insights – Discussion how a particular business meets your goals. Considerations you should review such as Sufficient Working Capital, Projection of Cash Flow versus your personal needs, Smoothness of Transition, Developing a Seller to Buyer Training outline.
  • Services Connection – We have had great success with many professionals in and around the state
      • Billing Companies
      • Bookkeeping Services
      • Branding and Marketing Services
      • Business Attorneys
      • Business Plan Services
      • Construction Services
      • Consulting Services
      • CPAS and Accounting Services
      • Credit Card Services
      • Credit Support
      • Equipment Supply
      • Immigration Attorneys
      • Insurance
      • Printing Services
      • Real Estate Related –Housing &Commercial
      • Sign and Image Service
      • Valuations
      • Vendors
      • + others – What are your needs?